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Robotic Cleaning System

Clean solar and photovoltaic panels ensure optimum performance!

Solar panels must be kept clean to ensure optimum efficiency and extended projected life for the plant. A constant layer of dirt on the solar cell resulting from dust, pollen, moss, etc. reduces the efficiency and performance of the solar cell. A soiling problem is a concern beyond the financial damage as soiling can damage the panels’ coatings and seals. Water entering the system damages the entire system, resulting in faults and failures.


Ratan Green’s cleaning robotics simplify your operational processes. With our Robo-cleaning solutions we ability to work safely, efficiently, and with employees to solve labor challenges, increase efficiency and maintain high standards of sanitation.

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Why us?


Source Upto 100% of Solar Energy

Zero Investment

Reduce Electricity Cost


About this Process

      • Synergetic mobile robots are designed and tested to operate safely in complex, real-world environments.
      • To ensure our products are reliable, we place a high value on creation, durability, and quality.
      • Minimized water consumption, as water is consumed only during cleaning.
      • service-friendly and requires only low maintenance.
      • We provide Eco-friendly cleaning with our Robo cleaning method.
      • The solar panel cleaning robot can be adapted perfectly to different solar and photovoltaic plants thanks to a wide range of accessories.
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