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RCC Rooftop & Metal Roof Projects

Do you want to reduce your electricity bills? Then the rooftop solar system is the answer to reducing your electricity bills or doing something for the environment.

We can provide customized solar power solutions that fit your business needs to help you achieve your business goals if you have enough space to install rooftop solar in your existing business premises. Also, we provide residential rooftop solar power plants that will significantly reduce your energy costs as the solar tariffs are lower than the existing grid tariffs. In addition, it helps you monetize by increasing the value of your existing areas, such as roofs or parking areas.

We will develop a customized solution that will meet your needs while maintaining security and regulatory compliance. Ratan Green engineers will thoroughly evaluate the location of your onsite solar system installation, before recommending a customized solution.

Why us?


Source Upto 100% of Solar Energy

Zero Investment

Reduce Electricity Cost


About this Process

Typically, a solar rooftop system consists of solar modules, solar inverters, and other electrical components like meters and cables. The owner’s account is credited with the excess electricity generated, subject to prevailing regulatory policies if it is exported to the national electricity grid.

  1. Solar modules: Converts Solar energy into electrical energy which means it converts the sunlight into DC electricity.
  2. Inverter: converts DC to AC
  3. Net meter: Estimate the amount of power used by your premises and any excess power the solar system can provide to the grid.
  4. Electric grid: The electricity then moves to Electricity Grid where it connects to the mail grid.
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