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Open Access

Those who want electricity directly from the generator will be served by the open-access model at ace’s price.

Solar power can be generated either in two ways for corporate consumers:

  • Onsite solar power plant (which might be on rooftop, ground mount or carport solar installation)
  • Open access solar power (consumption of solar power through the grid)

The customer purchases the electricity directly from the generator under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA).

Ratan Green Energy Services is an expert in developing solar power for open access. We have a wide range of experience and potential in the field of grid-connected utility-scale solar power projects. Our team of experienced executives can regulate the end-to-end operation of solar power projects from approach to enactment and operation. We provide the most flawless and tailored solutions to all our customers.

Why us?


Source Upto 100% of Solar Energy

Zero Investment

Reduce Electricity Cost


About this Process

      • A state-owned solar farm will produce the electricity (typically in a rural area with plenty of lands to spare)
      • The generated power will be injected into the grid, into an existing sub-station
      • Afterward, the power is sent through the existing grid infrastructure to large consumers in the state
      •  Electricity consumers with a connected load of more than 1 MW are allowed to purchase power from sources other than the state distribution advantage under the Electricity Act, 2013.

Our Offerings

      • The green energy source allows the off-taker to contribute to the stability of the grid.
      • A demonstrated capability of expanding and approving solar energy projects across India.
      • Establish solar power projects in the shortest possible timeframe with strong financial expertise.
      • We will deliver the power to all off-taker doors with solutions that accept all crucial documents and facilitate open-access transactions.
      • Our team manages the monthly billing settlement process.