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Ground-Mounted Projects

If you want to go green, solar panels mounted on the ground are one of several options you can choose from.

Our team of experienced professionals will perform an in-depth site assessment and benefits analysis to determine your optimal system. Almost anywhere with sunlight and land available can be used to install a ground mount solar panels. The limitations of roof-mounted systems are due to the architectural features and safety regulations and due to the limited space available for roof-mounted solar panels, you must remove the panels in order to carry out maintenance on your roof. Roof-mounted systems are less efficient than those on the ground. Ground-mounted panels can be cooled more efficiently with airflow underneath them.

Why us?


Source Upto 100% of Solar Energy

Zero Investment

Reduce Electricity Cost


About this Process

The installation of ground-mounted solar panels is an easy and practical way to generate electricity. Unlike pole-mounted panels, ground-mounted solar panels are directly installed on the ground, rather than elevated on poles.

Ground-mounted panels are supported by poles and positioned to capture maximum sunlight. The panels can track the sun’s movement and are able to move with it. Depending on the topography of the land, you can mount the poles at different heights based on the length of the poles.

Going Solar has never been this Easy & Affordable. The Ratan Green Energy service provides expert advice and detailed consultations in order to determine which type of solar installation best meets your needs and within your budget. As an alternative to ground mounting, we will present you with a variety of options so you can make an informed, practical, and forward-looking decision.

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