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Energy Storage

When you install a solar battery at home, you can harness more solar power and use less electricity from the grid. You will be able to transmit power to the grid once your battery is charged. A solar battery storage option can provide backup power if your grid electricity goes out frequently.

Ratan green energy manufacture solar batteries in India. Solar batteries are extremely safe and durable. The solar batteries can be recharged many times. By introducing batteries of this type, we are aiming to create an eco-friendly environment and reduce fuel consumption. We make thick, strong plates to prevent corrosion for the battery to last as long as possible. This way, they last a very long time.


Why us?


Source Upto 100% of Solar Energy

Zero Investment

Reduce Electricity Cost


About this Process

Our solar batteries are designed to take maximum charge from the sun and solar charging saves money on the electric bill. Using high-density deep cycle plates, it has a higher backup than other batteries of the same class range.

Due to the use of PE separators of high quality, we have consistently achieved high charge acceptance rates.

      • Excellent Reserve Capacity
      • Self-discharge Rate is Low
      • Save fuel and provide an Eco-friendly environment
      • A special design that makes optimal use of resources
      • Low Maintenance

Solar panels offered by Ratan green energy services are at low prices. Our aspiration is to provide a solution conducive to incorporating storage with solar power to provide a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and become a superintendent in battery technology, setting up self-owned manufacturing installations.

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